Another Easy Win

Mar 31 2020

Many years ago I watched a podcast called Tekzilla, and the hosts there were often demonstrating the "Folding at Home" application that helps in cancer research (Check it out here).  I had several PCs at home and while I was away at work I would allow the PCs to work on the "Folding at Home" data.

After several years I put the work aside as I didn't have the most effective machine to perform the work.  "Folding at Home", or FAH for short had started to use the power of the Graphics cards to perform the work.  My home machines were castoffs from work and rather straight forward business machines that were off lease, so they came with simple graphics cards or built-in graphics cards -- so bottom line -- they were not supported by FAH.  I eventually stopped using FAH and life moved on -- but I had been part of the Tekzilla team and they were one of the top 10 teams overall. 

Speaking with Friends at DNNCon

Oct 04 2014

I have been asked by Joe Craig and Aderson Oliveira - of DNNHero fame - to help out during a session at DNNCon 2014.

The Session is "Got a Question - Get an Answer" in which the 3 of us are going to answer general questions from the audience.

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