Returning to the Fold

Oct 04 2014

After many false re-starts, I am finally returning to the DNN Platform fold.  

Over the past several years I have been the sole developer on a rather complex application re-write.  I could bore you to tears with the details related to the project, but the net result was it took me away from DotNetNuke -- yes I will always think of it as DotNetNuke! 

The project is finishing up, so I have time to work with DotNetNuke again! 

I have decided to start from fresh -- scrap all the old material in my blog and forums as most does not make sense as the vast majority of old blog entries were related to DNN V4.9 or before.  I may post some of the older general interest post.

So what is coming ... well I have dedicated myself to get things on track for the DNNCon in November.   So first and foremost was the creation of a new site using the latest version of the DNN Platform -- and as luck would have it, I created the site the day before DNN V7.3.3 was released.   So I have my first upgrade to perform in quite some time.

I will be adding more and more detail over the next few weeks - All should be done by the first of November 2014  - see I set a target date!

I will be attending DNNCon 2014 - so I hope to see you there.  

Enjoy Paul.

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