Folding Troubles

Apr 22 2020

I revisited my "Folding At Home" (FAH) system to see if I could improve my overall performance.  My thought was to update the drivers and use the most recent FAH Client.  I was hoping I could get my GPU working more than occasionally.

First I determined that my graphic drivers were rather old -- about 3 generations old!  I performed an upgrade to get the latest and greatest from AMD for my Radeon RX 570 graphics card.  At one time this was considered a real fast card -- today in 2020 it is just average.  

With the graphics card was using the new drives, I was still seeing no activity on the FAH Client.  So I installed the latest FAH Client - version 7.6.9 - and that's when things went south!

FAH Client reported that there no graphics card or more specifically no supported GPU existed on my machine.  WHAT?  When I had originally installed FAH, I had to manually tell FAH to use the GPU.  So I tried that ... no luck.   OK, off to Google to see if anyone else has had this issue -- best I could find is that there is a bug is 7.6.9 that has been fixed in 7.6.10 to address "missing" GPUs.  

So I uninstalled 7.6.9 and re-installed 7.5.1 that I was running previously.  It now saw my GPU without having to manually tell it to use the GPU (new drivers helped I assume), but still no activity on my GPU.  SO I need to wait for 7.6.10 or better.

Here are my stats at the time of writing

initial stats

Here are my current stats (live) 

live stats

Typically if the GPU has worked then the "Today" for tz3p9v value will be > 100,000.


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