April -- If you don't like the Weather, just wait a minute!

Apr 15 2020

April is a weird month - you never know what you will get. Today - April 15, 2020 - we are having on and off snow showers, with intermittent sunshine. You get this really surreal feeling that it is either November or April. It really confuses the mind.

Spring started, as usual, cold nights with some warm sunny days - after all the snow melted, we started to see the tulips and buds of the - damn I can't remember the name.

Today, with the rather odd weather, we now have this!

Well, I guess we can be grateful, 2 years ago (2018), a rather cold air mass collided with a topical moist air mass and we ended up with Winter in April.

Resulting this happening

and the poor Tulips

This is a bit of a lesson for COVID-19 -- it could be much worst.

So, I choose to enjoy the Sunny portions of the day while walking Ernie!

Stay Safe and enjoy what we have.


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