Apr 09 2020

It another day like any other, but this also the anniversary of my birth in 1955. I have officially completed my 65th year yesterday. So on to my 66th year. 

This birthday is regarding as a "big deal" by most. It typically signifies the end of a working life and a transition to an new life. Apparently, I should start to see changes in significant ways. So am I ready?

Let's look at it from the various major points of view and give it a rating of some sort:

1) Health - well other than being a tad over-weight, I am in generally good health. Yes, I am not as flexible as I was in my youth, but I can still do most of what I want. I walk on a treadmill every morning to get the blood flowing, I take a daily vitamin, and drink a glass of OJ. I have done this morning after morning for as long as I can remember -- well the treadmills was a recent addition, to be honest. So I would rate this as good!

2) Family - This is a topic where our small direct family is in great shape - Susan and I have never been better than now - not bad for 43+ years together! Katrina, and Kyle are doing very well in Muskoka, and Susan's mother, to our surprise, responded to the COVID-19 isolation at her long-term-care facility admirably. My sister and her family are enjoying PEI in their little piece of heaven. My brother's family just expanded by one - a little boy named Hudson, as all others seem to be thriving. So I would rate this a good - very good!

3) Work - I am retired now - not by personal decision, but by my recent employer's choice. However, I had planned to stop working in 2020. So it all worked out in the end. Given the current COVID-19 issues. This feels like a win!

4) Finances - Had not the COVID-19 pandemic taken place, I would say we are in good - maybe even great - shape. Time will tell if the current economic conditions will do significant impact to our savings. We will place a few items on hold until we can see where the financial world lands. I would rate this as "unexpected", but we are still in relatively good shape.

"Good, very good, a win, and relatively good" - I like the sound of that!

To be honest, I am not sure how I got here in such good shape.

So do I feel different than yesterday -- not really. Will tomorrow be any different than today -- not really. So what is different?


I can truly say that is one item that will change - I will have time to spend on the things I find interesting, while not having the issues of Health, Family, Work, and Finances to directly control those pursuits as they have for the most of my life. Realistically, I can't say they won't influence the amount of time spent or the level of intensity.

I will have time to enjoy those items that interest me and Susan alike -- sound like a win to me.


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