Octoprint - Part 2

Apr 06 2020

The more I play with Octoprint the better I like it ... which is basically the same sentiment I have heard from every Octoprint video I have watched.

As you can see I have the webcam working -- this is a Raspberry Pi Camera that is located beside my printer using some double-sided tape. See the red circle below. A temporary situation that I hope to correct in the near future ... but for now, it works.

The current print information and webcam view is also available on my phone when using an app called OctoRemote.

And lastly, I have a clock that knows about Octoprint. The lower line of the display is an indication of print completion.

The clock was a gift from a friend (Thank you David!) and you can learn more about the scrolling marquee clock at Which is another rabbit hole ...

Well, my current print is almost done -- as you can see from the clock -- so I best be on my way.

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