The Pipeline

Apr 02 2020

I call it the pipe-line or supply chain -- you get the picture. I make the headgear for the face shields, but that is the first step to getting the shields into the hands of healthcare workers.

I was approached by Kim Brookes via my wife. Kim's significant other John Vanderlinde started the process of printing headgear and they contacted local facilities. (See my previous post) Once the process was in place, it comes to production. That's where I come in. John was looking for others to help, and I was glad to help. But I am a real rookie at this ... so I have had some "challenges".

Yesterday, I was able to pass on the first batch of 7 sets of headgear.

This batch went to the extremely beleaguered Pinecrest Nursing Home in Bobcaygeon Ontario.

So here is one of John's shields in use -- the true end of the pipeline.


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