Time to return to this.

Mar 30 2020

Hello Everyone.

Given the times - I have been thinking about needing an outlet to my "isolation" and have decided that I will use this site to publish thoughts and activities.

So some updates to define the current state of Tressleworks:

  • Tressleworks is alive and well -- the modules are available -- just send an e-mail to and I will pass along the latest version. The latest version of SGSV does work with DNN V9.5.

  • TressleWorks Web site and this blog will undergo several changes in the next month -- I will have time to devote to the refresh over the next few weeks as I believe Canada and more specifically the Toronto area will be under restrictions well into May.

  • I have retired from my day job (GM of Canada) and now can focus on my various hobbies and activities:
    • Model Railroading
    • Software Development
    • Home Automation
    • Making Things
  • I have recently purchased a 3D printer - specifically an Ender 3 Pro - I am very pleased

Finally, I am on day 14 of local isolation. I do walk about the neighborhood with my wife and our dog several times a day -- I have not been to a store or gas station in 14 days (since March 16).

My wife has been out each day for a quick trip to eat food or to see her mother from a distance as my mother-in-law is in a locked-down senior's center.

Keep positive, stay safe -- we will get beyond this in time!


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