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SQLGridSelectedView V5.10

Here is list of the Features in the latest version release:

  • ONChange Style Expressions
  • Column Display Order can be different than Select
  • Column Format Helper
  • Query Parameter cached for later use
  • Edit Record can be disable via URL
  • Dropdown selection can optionally force post back
  • Horizontal Selections
  • Selection Ordering -- define the order of selection displayed
  • Ability to define Go button location (top, bottom, top right, button right, ...)
  • Implementation of Intermodule communication (IMC)
  • Better AJAX support (now can export if SGSV placed in Update Panel)
  • GridView used to display data (instead of datagrid from v1.1)
  • Localization of Setting screen
  • Addition of help (? icon)  on Setting screen
  • Ability of Remember Selections by user
  • Search words added so you can "find" module via search
  • Addition of several CSS classes to improve selection display
  • Additional Selection Filters (up to 8)
  • Additional Condition Filters (up to 8)
  • Additional Date Range Filters (up to 4)
  • Additional Date List Filters (up to 4)
  • Additional TextSearch Filters (up to 8)
  • Date Range can be display stacked on two lines
  • New settings persistence model based on XML
  • Supports import of SQLGridSelectedView V4 Settings
  • Ability to Set Column Header Text
  • Ability to remove a column from Grid
  • Revised User Guide of over 50+ pages - many examples
  • Drill down - also know as "Wait on Previous Filter"
  • Expanded Search Intergration - dynamic keywords based on SQL Select
  • User defineable Template can replace default grid display
  • No Data Message available if no records returned
  • Support for Oracle "calling" of store procedures
  • Designed for simple or complex selects
  • Supports Stored Procedures
  • Allows for selection based on Date
  • Allows for selection based on Text value
  • Allows for selection bases on Populated Dropdown values
  • Allows for Creating and/or Editing of Data
  • Optionally Sortable columns
  • 3 Different Types of Paging
  • Export to Excel via CSV or Text file
  • User definable delimiter in export file
  • Optional Column Headers
  • Optional Column Summaries
  • Group by phrase support for complex Selects
  • Parameter substitution for DotNetNuke®  Values
  • Parameter substitution for Session Variables
  • Parameter substitution for Query String Variables
  • Parameter substitution for Selection Parameter
  • Connection String may be defined in Web.Config
  • Support for OLEDB and ODBC connections
  • Works with MSSQL tables or MS Access tables
  • Will work with any database that support a ADO.NET interface
  • Configurable Column Formats - including Width, Alignment and Format
  • Condition Filters
  • Header and Footer Sections
  • Module.css included with default classes
  • Calendar Select Option on Date Selection Filter
  • Filter Selection allow different Display and Selection values
  • Single "Go" Button with the ability to define the button label text
  • "Reset" Button option
  • Ability to set text for Record Count, Page Count and Time Stamp
  • Sortable Customer Format Columns
  • Option on the Text Search to allow multiple entries
  • Option on Filter Selection to use Multi-Select List Boxes
  • Option to display SQL Command on SQL error

Please Note: The addition of a Module.css will overwrite any privately created or modified Module.css - Please backup the module.css if you have made any changes to this file.


Generated Selection Page

Following Examples included as Import File base on the NorthWind Database included with SQL Sever 2000 (also available to download for SQL 2005)







Settings Form